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  • Sino-Linchem International Co., Ltd won the Science and Technology Progress Awar

    From:bosen Publish:2016-06-07 03:59 Browse:

    The Technology & Intellectual Property Rights Conference of Fangchenggang was held in the Fangchenggang convention center on May 4th. In this meeting, Sino-Linchem International won the Science and Technology Progress Award of Fangchenggang city, Second Prize.
        This award is for the Development and Application research on a new process of air-cooled and large scale production of high quality phosphorus pentoxide which was the research result of both Sino-Linchem International and Guangxi Phosphorus Chemical Industry Engineering Research Center. In 2014, the research result had assessed and accepted by the expert Guangxi Province Technology Hall and Fangchenggang Science and Technology Bureau. And then, it won the third prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of Guangxi Province in 2015.
        Compulsive air cooling equipment was developed in this project, which enabled to product high purity phosphorus pentoxideand whit high efficiency. An adoption of air cooling and heat exchanging sedimentation tower in this project solves the problem of phosphorus pentoxidegas cooling and output being too low. In the meanwhile, the heat recovered can be used for the melt and transmit of yellow phosphorus and reduce sedimentation times. This new technology is energy-saving and cost-reducing and makes Sino-Linchem International a research and demonstration basis for industrialization of high quality phosphorus pentoxide production.
        It’s the recognition & affirmation for Sino-Linchem International of The Fangchenggang Government and Fangchenggang Science and Technology Bureau. In the coming production and development, Sino-Linchem will strengthen scientific research and increase economic efficiency with technological advancements. And we also try our best to improve the integral level and competitive marketplace of Sino-Linchem International in the future.